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The Development of Hotrodding in W.A.

The growth of street Hotrods in W.A. appears to cover 3 interlocking groups and it resembles the growth of that in the USA but with smaller groups. The hobby developed from track racing at the local racetrack through to what is now known as street rodding over a period of approximately 6 years.

1958 – 1961

In the early days the cars developed into stripped down cars to go racing on gravel tracks. Many of the cars were modified for racing or just racing the car straight off the road.

These were the first of the “hotrods” and development was very haphazard. In between racing they were used for every day transport. Cars were driven to the track and stripped for racing. At the end of the meeting, they would put items such as mudguards, windscreens and registration plates. They would then drive them home.

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1960 – 1965

The next development was the emergence of the more sophisticated hot rods. They sported better paint, upholstery and the appearance of OHV V8 engines in lieu of the Sidevalve V8 engines.

As time went by, better motors, suspensions and upholstery were noticed.

There was a noticeable increase in the number of rods that had been started and other parts were being gathered.

1966 – 1974

This period saw the emergence of many new cars being built as parts became easier to obtain. The development during this time was split between the ease of dealing with the authority’s attitude towards registration. The availability to obtain reproduction parts and people who could help with building your car.

Many cars were commenced and were able to be licensed. This continued until the early 1970’s and it became virtually impossible to obtain registration. There were several years during which building continued with the hope that the Authority’s would change their decision.

Finally, an agreement was reached in 1975 which gave us the start of legal rodding in W.A. This agreement lasted for over 40 years, not without problems with the Authorities. There have been several stoppages of licences or due to building problems. However, by negotiation by our T.A.C. members they have been able to resolve the problem.

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