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Welcome to the Greatest Lifestyle Choice there is; “Street Rodding”.

The Australian Street Rod Federation, Western Australian Division (ASRF WA) welcomes you to join our way of life. Members of ASRF WA eat, sleep and breath Street Rods, Hot Rods and ASRF Class Customs in Western Australia. Our member Clubs arrange driving and social events, organize car shows and charity fund raisers. And members attending our sanctioned events are insured for property & public liability. For more information regarding membership please read the ASRF Membership FAQ

Now that you have found us, have a look around, ask questions and take it all in. We are all about helping the new-comer to the hobby, or the once-were Rodders, to get back in to the hobby. Maybe you have always dreamed of getting you own street rod but just didn’t know how to go about getting started, maybe you have a stalled project that you started years ago and now it just seems way too hard to finish it. Well, you have come to the right place, the rodders who run this website will help you get your Hot Rod motorvation back on track and help you build the car of your dreams.

We can introduce you to street rodder’s in the know, how to go about building a Street Rod from scratch and everything you should consider in between. So come in, sit down and let’s get talking Street Rodding WA.


Australian Street Rodding can be traced back to 1956 when the first Street Rod Club was formed in Victoria.

The Federation in WA

THE AUSTRALIAN STREET ROD FEDERATION INC. is officially recognised as the governing body of all facets of street rodding in Australia.

The National Control Council and the relevant Divisional Councils and their members, are working hard to meet the responsibility of government
legislation. The A.S.R.F. is confident of meeting this responsibility, thus ensuring that our Street Rods and Customs will remain accepted and admired vehicles, meeting all safety requirements and bringing together all Rodding enthusiasts throughout Australia.


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